Tall Grass and The Weeds is an indie rock band with jazz and classical influences. For the last two years, they have been writing and playing music in their attic studio, pulling inspiration from life in their hometown of New Braunfels, TX.

The original trio of James McDonald, Michael Goulais, and Wesley Goetsch won Battle of the Bands at Canyon High School in 2016. Since then, the addition of Colin Calderon, Ryan Jernigan, and Alex Gibbons has created the unique, refreshing, and full-spectrum sound found on their first EP, Chat with the Boss, released March 12, 2017.

James McDonald – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Goulais – Drums
Wesley Goetsch – Bass Guitar
Colin Calderon – Saxophone
Ryan Jernigan – Guitar
Alex Gibbons – Keyboard

TGW opened KTSW 89.9’s MR Fest playing on the Hays County Courthouse lawn stage April 29.
“The crowd at MR Fest is full of families currently enjoying the smooth saxophone solos played by Tall Grass and the Weeds… Their talent is obviously pleasing the crowd because each song the band finishes receives tons of applause, and people are clapping along to the music.”
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